3B Tax

Tenacious tax Preparations.

3B Tax is your tactical tax hub with long-term, compounding savings in mind to help you grow your wealth faster with minimized tax burdens. CPA-prepared and reviewed, we are ready to proactively plan, prepare, review and e-file your tax preparations. Services include:

-Corporate Tax Preparations: S Corporation, C Corporation, LLC, Partnership, Trust, and Non-Profits.

-Tax Planning.

-Bookkeeping/Write-Up for Tax Preparations.


-Rental Income.

-Independent Contractor 1099 Income.

-Individual W2 Employee Income.

-Family Deductions and Credits.

-Nonresident US Citizens.

-And more!

Tactical Tax Planning.

Ever wonder if you're running through the motions merely doing much beyond submitting paperwork and overpaying beyond your fair tax burden? Likely story...

Fortunately, if you are overpaying in taxes and this has been a barrier to your financial freedom, this can no longer be your concern with 3B Tax Planning.

Invest in our expert consulting and high level of detail-oriented and tailor-made plans that translate into substantial savings throughout your career. What would you do with an extra 15-30%* on top of your current income streams?

Don't overpay beyond your fair tax burden again!