100% Online, Secure, and Remote.

Being that we're tech-savvy accountants, you get to enjoy the power of totally remote, real-time accounting with full-fledged support. Your business can keep rocking with your current software for accounting minus the crazy backups, hardware malfunctions, system upgrades, and endless headaches. Rest assured, we use bank-level encryption and take our client data security very seriously.

Cliche unintended, we can help you move to that dream island with your laptop. You can smoothly operate administrative duties by the shoreline at this point!

We give you the value of hiring your dream CFO without the overhead of one's full-time salary, benefits, and bonuses. Our goal is to scale your business, not bankrupt it with our fees.

Numbers That'll Finally Mean Something.

We believe you deserve to fully benefit from the power of quantifying your business's finances, not just check off a managerial responsibility. Beyond just the average and routine bean counting, we take our hard work of precise accounting to be the solid foundation of your business strategy. You can build on those accurate standard reports with advanced reporting such as KPI tracking, advisory sessions, budget forecasts, and cash flow projections to squeeze the juice out of every hard-earned dollar and maximize your company's financials.

At 3B, we know being a small business owner means you have to pioneer through a lot of unknown territories. You're not just hiring an accountant; you're building a relationship with a trusty professional and a go-to business consultant. Think of us like an old friend who's got your back and cares for you along your path of incredible entrepreneurial endeavors.

Who We Serve.

Though we specialize in serving S-Corps in the real estate, construction, and trade industries with yearly revenues of $250,000-$3 million, we aren't here to exclude business owners from financial freedom and have served clients in many other enterprises earning far less and far more.

We've helped architects, interior designers, engineers, lawyers, eCommerce companies, wholesalers, distributors, retail stores, landscaping companies, restaurants, hotels, vacation rentals, salons, property managers, consulting firms, software/IT companies, transportation, and independent contractors.

Ultimately, we are ready to identify, and best meet your accounting needs--regardless of size, industry, or corporate structure.