Boutique accounting and Consulting firm:

making the numbers count for you.

3B Accounting is a full-service, boutique accounting and management consulting firm fiercely focused on satisfying clients like you as we guide you to attain your financial freedom. We take the dullness out of the facts and figures by deciphering the numbers' messages so you can have the best lookout for your hard-earned money and get the value you deserve.

We do it all, including essential compliance with bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes (federal, state, and local). Once compliance and reporting are both squeaky clean, we can take your numbers to the next level with our CFO-level consulting. We figure you already have the data, let's translate it into tangibly higher profits and legally lower tax burdens.

Even before Covid, we have always been designed to provide white-glove service entirely online. We empower clients from all 50 states and serve international clients from over fifteen countries. We accommodate travel engagements, on-site meetings, and office visits on a case-by-case basis.

So you're a passionate entrepreneur—committed to enhancing your company.

At 3B, we enjoy seeing your tired number-crunching operations transform into a priceless, full-spectrum understanding of your company.

Put you and 3B together, and we have you on your path to:

Financial Freedom: mastering your business financial management.

Does this sound like you?

-I do not have immaculate books and timely taxes; what do I do?

-I am overworking, coming home to do my books late at night, and now they’re inaccurate and messy?

-I pay someone for squeaky-clean numbers, but what do these numbers mean to me?

-I don’t have a financial freedom plan geared for the extended future; how do I shape up?

3B Accounting steps in with answers that ultimately mean living the life, living the dream, and living it up as an empowered business owner!

By choosing the 3B Accounting team as your trustworthy and keen accounting and management consulting firm, you are also choosing to reclaim your life.

No longer will you have to worry about your business's financial state. You will know where you and your business both stand. You'll even learn to boost the valuable catalysts and vanish the triggers that systematically drain your resources.

Once your company detoxifies itself from wasting resources, all of a sudden more time and more money becomes available. You can choose to work the same hours and become a mogul in your industry. Alternatively, you decide to keep your current standard of living with a more balanced lifestyle and a lighter workload.

Either way, the choice is clear: you've invested long hours into your business. It's time for your business to re-invest long hours back into you and your life.

Financial freedom is closer than you think, and 3B Accounting is ready to take you there. 

Choose the accounting pros that choose YOU!


And We Give our clients Five Stars Too!